Antiquity 3, 2019

Antiquity 3, 2019

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In its celebration of consumer goods and its questioning of the notion of “good taste,” Jeff Koons’s art has been critically received as an ironic comment on the decadence of the 1980s and capitalist culture. In Antiquity, Koons explores themes of fertility, feminine beauty, and life energy through the ages. Koons combines Greco-Roman sculptures with a contemporary, photo-realist image of feminine beauty (actress Gretchen Mol posing as the famous pinup Bettie Page). His paintings and sculptures borrow widely from art-historical techniques and styles; although often seen as ironic or tongue-in-cheek, Koons insists his practice is earnest and optimistic. Online promotions are not applicable.

  • Archival pigment print on Innova rag paper, foil
  • Framed 41" H x 52.5" W
  • Maple wood frame with a white semi-gloss finish
  • UV protected acrylic facing

© Jeff Koons

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