Din, Une Tres Belle Negresse #2 Skate Deck

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Mickalene Thomas celebrates Women of Color and the Power of the Female Gaze. They face the viewer confidently, with heroic authority and natural beauty. These are figures unafraid to express desire and assert their dominance, proudly taking up space. The subject portrayed in this solo edition is no different. She breaks the fourth wall with a nonchalant gaze. Her makeup and jewelry are bold, complimenting the vibrant pattern in the background. Its design is a personal nod to her childhood, sourcing its inspiration from the textures and colors which accompanied it.

  • Made of 7 ply Grade A Canadian Maple wood
  • Each measures 31" H x 8" W
  • 10% of the profits support social skate projects worldwide

© Mickalene Thomas

To learn more about the Broad collection and this artist, please visit http://www.thebroad.org/art/mickalene-thomas