Honk (Cracker Jack) Poster

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Honk (Cracker Jack), 1962—originally done in oil, black ink, and pencil on paper—is an artwork by Ed Ruscha which skews the meaning of each word through color, background, and font. “I like the idea of a word becoming a picture, almost leaving its body, then coming back and becoming a word again,” he said of his inspiration. With a practice that spans drawing, painting, photography, film, printmaking, and publishing, Ed Ruscha’s background as a graphic designer is evident in his subtle use of typography. 
  • 24” H x 24 W”
  • Archival pigment prints on Lasal Moab 230gsm paper

 © Ed Ruscha

To learn more about the Broad collection and this artist, please visit https://www.thebroad.org/art/ed-ruscha