Jeff Koons: Mucem

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This new volume brings together the work of one of the most iconic living artists with over 200 pieces from the Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean in Marseille, France. Although his art encompasses a wide range of satirical sculptural work as well as digital collages and paintings, American sculptor Jeff Koons is best known for his unmistakable large-scale recreations of familiar objects in stainless steel. These famous mirror-finish works and other pieces from his oeuvre are placed in conversation with a series of selections from the Mucem archives, the result of a meticulous curatorial effort by the artist himself. The publication takes advantage of the richness of the Mucem’s collections, with everyday objects, traditional art, documents, and photographs, encouraging readers to compare and contrast the artworks on levels both formal and symbolic.

  • Hardcover
  • 10.7" H x 8.3" W
  • 227 pages

© Jeff Koons

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