Rabbit Postcard

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Bring a Jeff Koons work home with you—or mail it off to someone who needs an extra dose of art in their lives. In 1979 Jeff Koons made Inflatable Flower and Bunny (Tall White, Pink Bunny), which featured a flower and a pink bunny and planted the seed for so much of his future work. Seven years later, Koons ditched the flower, combined the mirror and the bunny, and created Rabbit (1986). The switch from the word “bunny” to “rabbit” is intriguing. Bunny is cute and floppy; rabbit is quick and sharp. The carrot in the rabbit’s paw is wielded like a weapon, and the once soft, leaky, and cheap vinyl shell of the bunny has been replaced by armorlike, costly stainless steel, which reflects everything surrounding Rabbit and deflects any allusions to the sculpture’s interior. Originally done in mirror-polished stainless steel with stainless steel, it’s reproduced here on this graphic postcard.

  • 4” x 6”
  • 130 lb. super smooth paper that is FSC Certified, SFI Certified Sourcing, and Rainforest Alliance Certified

© Jeff Koons / Photo: Douglas M. Parker Studio, LA

To learn more about the Broad collection and this artist, please visit http://www.thebroad.org/art/jeff-koons