Roy Lichtenstein

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Meet the pioneer of Pop art. Roy Lichtenstein’s high-impact, cartoon-based images exploded onto the scene at the end of the 1950s—and the art world was never the same. His definitive and iconic pixelated “dot” style, using Ben-day dots printing, created a blowup effect for which he’s become synonymous. In this overview of Lichtenstein’s career, discover works including Look, Mickey! (1961), Drowning Girl (1963), and Whaam! (1963)—which reflected and satirized American mass media and consumer culture through his groundbreaking use of industrial production techniques and imagery like cartoons, comic strips, and advertising. Written by Janis Hendrickson.

  • Hardcover
  • 10.3” H x 8.4" W
  • 96 pages

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